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We are pleased to welcome Gene Stringfield Building Materials Company to the Patio Roof Risers (PRR) Family. Gene Stringfield has been a partner to contractors and builders in Western Oregon since 1968.  We are proud to partner with this fine, family-owned and operated company.  Now available at Gene Stringfield, customers can ask for quotes on PRR products or stop in and see our great display showing how the Patio Roof Riser looks when installed.  We look forward to partnering with Gene Stringfield to widen the availability of Patio Roof Risers.

Gene Stringfield Building Materials Co

540 Roosevelt Blvd.

Eugene, Oregon 97402, Phone: 541-689-8014

Builders are always welcome to contact PRR for support and tips.  There is great product information available all the time at patioroofriser.com.




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