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The National Hardware Show is coming right up – May 8 to the 10th in Las Vegas. This is our first major show and we’re very excited to show off Patio Roof Riser (and Snow Terminator) here. We’ve not just been working on our products, we’ve also built out a brand new website, new literature, been finishing up our packaging and our brand new Bridge Washer packages. Which by the way you should check out – they make for a beautiful finish element on any cover – not to mention they are strong and will hold your supports nice and tight.

We’ll be adding to the blog regularly once we’ve got the show prep done so be sure to like us on facebook and follow us on Twitter, we’ll put all our updates on there.

If you have any questions, are interested in including Patio Roof Riser in your product line, or would like engineering specs for including Patio Roof Riser in your cover designs, please find the links in the menu (or scattered throughout the site) and we’ll answer right back.

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