From Extruded to Steel

Big cover? Every PRR is engineered and built to handle the load…any load.

Heavy Duty

Whatever your Patio Cover is engineered to handle, PRR can handle more.  Snow loads, solar panels, radiant collectors, even tile: Trust Patio Roof Riser to support it…beautifully.

Shear Power

Dual Shear Design with Hardened Alloy Steel Locking Pins

Come wind, rain, sleet or snow, PRR is designed to handle the shear load that comes with it.

Peace Of Mind

What every job should bring

Knowing you can install a dream cover for a dream deck without having to worry about over-stressing the roof supports or structure is real peace of mind.

Great Engineering

OVERBUILT proudly in the USA

Discover the difference between good enough and great engineering.

Patio Roof Riser

Make It Simple

Heavy Alloy-Steel lock pins, heavy gauge steel construction, locking schedule 8 fasteners; Include PRR in your plans.  Your engineer will thank you.

From the fine minds at Woodstone

Our Story

Patio Roof Riser

After 30 years of building and installing custom decks, roofs and patios, Bryan Marlow came up with a solution for a common problem. Building a roof to cover a custom deck or patio, requires posts mounted to the existing roof. As roofs run different pitches, the post mounts had to be customized for each roof. They also required cutting into the existing roof, costing time and money.

After doing several different custom brackets for a job, Bryan came up with the Patio Roof Riser. An adjustable pitch mounting bracket for patio roofs! Now you can easily mount your posts to ANY pitch in minutes with NO ALTERATIONS!

The Patio Roof Riser will save you time and money, will last a lifetime and look amazing while doing it.


Take the guesswork out of installing your patio cover

The first goal in great engineering: Suitability. Perfect for the task at hand, flexible enough to handle complex applications. With Patio Roof Riser you don’t worry about cutting, sealing or finishing the roof on your next build.  You build it.

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The beauty of great engineering

The second component of great engineering is simplicity.  Simplicity in the design, simplicity of installation, simplicity of maintenance.  Patio Roof Riser is built strong and is easily engineered into any installation.

Beautify Your Cover


Good form follows good design

The third component of great engineering: Form.   No special covers, no need to hide it, fits perfectly in it’s designed application; Patio Roof Riser comes beautifully and sturdily finished to last for decades.  Beautiful on any roofline.  Make it simple…make it PRR.

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